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Nick Murney is the Managing Director of Pure Oil NZ and is passionate about oilseed & meal products, constantly researching new uses and development opportunities.

  • busy-kitchen
    1.6 min readPublished On: February 12, 2024

    Olive oil prices are increasing worldwide which is impacting hospitality costs in New Zealand but The Good Oil offers a cost effective alternative

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  • cold-press
    1.5 min readPublished On: November 29, 2023

    Pure Oil New Zealand welcome the team from Buy New Zealand Made to tour our facility and learn about our range of New Zealand grown oilseed products.

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  • tgo-pink-ribbon
    4.1 min readPublished On: October 3, 2023

    Pure Oil New Zealand is again supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ during October with a limited pink The Good Oil bottle.

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  • Nick-murney-soy-pureoilnz
    2.9 min readPublished On: September 20, 2023

    Pure Oil NZ has embarked on an innovative soybean venture that is aimed at potentially reshaping New Zealand's agricultural landscape.

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  • sunflower-day
    3.4 min readPublished On: June 18, 2023

    With the public's growing fascination for the picturesque sunflower fields, Anna Pettigrew and Rob McSkimming took the opportunity to host a much-awaited Sunflower Day on their sprawling farm located in Hallfield.

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  • the-good-oil-bottle
    3.6 min readPublished On: June 8, 2023

    With the price of culinary oils increasing rapidly in New Zealand supermarkets, The Good Oil is proud to be holding prices at the same level from when we first launched back in 2017.

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  • soyabeans new zealand
    1.7 min readPublished On: February 7, 2023

    Cropping Update - February 2022 Grass weeds are a problem that you shouldn’t ignore, and these weeds in particular need to be

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  • sustainability
    0.8 min readPublished On: February 1, 2023

    Nick Murney met with Krystal from A Vegan Lounge last week to discuss the expanding commercial oil business in New Zealand and Pure

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  • royalburn-pure-oil
    2 min readPublished On: November 10, 2022

    It was a pleasure to show Carlos Bagrie from Royalburn Station around Pure Oil New Zealand's oilseed crush plant. On episode 6

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  • tgo-pink-ribbon
    2.5 min readPublished On: October 19, 2022

    This month the Good Oil will introduce a limited-edition pink Rapeseed Oil bottle and for every bottle sold $1 will be donated

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