Pure Oil New Zealand Ltd recently welcomed the Buy New Zealand Made team to our production facility in Rolleston, Canterbury. Like many before them, the team were surprised by the scale of the facility which enables Pure Oil NZ to create a wide range of oilseed products from the locally grown rapeseed and sunflower crops that our grower suppliers cultivate for Pure Oil NZ. From “The Good Oil” to “Leg Up Equine” and everything in between, our team work around the clock to cold press the seed and create our product range.

At the core of our values lies our strong partnerships with New Zealand farmers. We work hand in hand with these dedicated individuals who grow the seed essential to our products. This collaboration forms the heart of our commitment to supporting local agriculture, ensuring that our business is not just about producing oils but also about supporting our local growers and working together for brighter outcomes.

sunflowers Altonbrook farm southbridge, 2022

We often find our visitors are surprised by the scale of the site and the amount of seed we cold press daily for our range of products, so please enjoy this glimpse below created by the team at “Buy New Zealand Made”.