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Pure Oil New Zealand was founded in 2012 and has developed into New Zealand’s leading oilseed producer and manufacturer of quality oilseed products and brands. We have over 80 dedicated Grower Suppliers in the South Island who we share a commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our Grower Suppliers produce high oleic rapeseed, conventional rapeseed (canola) and high oleic sunflowers. We have also started growing GE free soya beans in 2021.

The Pure Oil NZ team is a group of multi skilled individuals in areas of Food Processing, Agronomy, Marketing & Sales and Innovation. We all aspire to the core values of Pure Oil NZ.

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Growers & Suppliers

Fixed priced contracts give the farmer an added degree of financial security in a somewhat volatile commodity market. The Crush Plant near Christchurch is where we dry, store and extract the virgin rapeseed oil from the harvested seed.

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Browse through our beautiful rapeseed & sunflower crops
growing in the South Island of New Zealand.

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Pure Oil NZ promotes best management practice in growing of the crop, processing the oil and distributing products to customers. We provide Growers with technical solutions to maximise yields while maintaining the integrity of their environments.

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For more information on product details, pricing and availability. Email below or contact Deane by phone +64 27 347 0926. We look forward to hearing from you.