What we're about

We produce high grade cold-pressed oil & meal sourced from New Zealand grown, GE Free oilseed rape

Our Range

Commercial Kitchen Oils

Pure Oil NZ produces a high grade unrefined rapeseed oil in commercial size volumes.

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Plant Based Protein

Rapeseed meal is the co-product of the oil extraction process from oilseed rape and is a high protein, high energy feed.

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Grain Handling

Pure Oil NZ operates a world class grain handling and storage facility, with seed cleaning equipment and a large grain dryer on site.

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Animal Nutrition

Our NZ made equine oil combines cold pressed rapeseed oil and locally caught fish oil - fresh from farm and sea

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Industrial Oils

Cold-pressed Seed Oil Spray Adjuvant to assist the effectiveness of herbicides and agricultural compounds.

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We underpin our quality oil processing with the highest product quality standards, sustainable practices and a traceability programme.

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