At Pure Oil New Zealand, we embrace a bold mission: “Committed to better natural nutrition that is traceable and sustainable.” This mission isn’t just a tagline on our wall; it’s at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of sustainability and environmental responsibility, and we’re committed to investing our time and resources to minimise our negative environmental impacts and ensure the longevity of our business.
In Spring 2021, Pure Oil NZ embarked on an innovative soybean venture that is aimed at potentially reshaping New Zealand’s agricultural landscape. Collaborating with three dedicated Grower Suppliers, Pure Oil NZ set out to cultivate 20 hectares of early maturing soybeans. This marked the beginning of a larger scale commercial trial aimed at determining whether New Zealand could produce high-quality soybeans at sustainable yields.

The Soybean Experiment: A Bold Vision for New Zealand Agriculture

The decision to introduce soybean cultivation to New Zealand was a forward-thinking move to diversify agricultural practices and explore the potential of soybeans as a viable cash crop in the Kiwi landscape. With 150 hectares now dedicated to soybean cultivation, this venture is gaining recognition within the agricultural sector and beyond.


Cold Pressing and High Shear Extrusion: Unlocking the Potential

Pure Oil NZ’s commitment goes beyond soybean cultivation; we are investing in the entire value chain. We plan to process these soybeans using cutting-edge techniques such as cold pressing expellers and high shear extrusion. This approach ensures the preservation of the soybeans’ nutritional value and quality, opening up numerous avenues for product development.


From Stock Feed to Soy Milk: A Wide Array of Possibilities

The possibilities of Pure Oil NZ’s soybean project are far-reaching. Initially, the focus is on stock feed, providing a sustainable source of nutrition for New Zealand’s livestock. However, the possibilities don’t stop there and we may explore the options for retail products such as soy milk and more. This diversification not only showcases the versatility of soybeans but also aligns with the growing global demand for plant-based alternatives.


Agronomic Impact: Sustainability at the Heart of the Venture

Beyond the commercial aspect, there’s an exciting agronomic angle to Pure Oil NZ’s venture, our soybean project holds immense environmental promise. Soybeans, as nitrogen-fixing crops, have the remarkable ability to capture carbon from the atmosphere and enrich the soil to help feed future crops. This environmental benefit transcends our immediate goals, with the potential to positively impact New Zealand’s arable sector by reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilisers and fostering sustainable farming practices.


A Bright Future for New Zealand Agriculture

In essence, Pure Oil NZ’s soybean project embodies a world of possibilities. From enhancing the health and nutrition of livestock to offering high quality New Zealand grown plant-based products, our journey is one of innovation and sustainability. With promising early results, this venture not only has the potential to provide more diverse options for the industry but also contribute to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

In the coming years, we anticipate more exciting developments and, hopefully, a flourishing soybean industry that benefits farmers, consumers, and the environment alike.

(Interview with Nick Murney starts at 2:20)