Price inflation of food – New Zealand like the rest of the world is experiencing hyper-inflation and this is impacting the price of food at supermarkets. Vegetable oils have experienced some of the highest price increases from global oilseed shortages due to northern hemisphere droughts, and more recently, the war in Ukraine which caused additional supply side shortages.

For our loyal New Zealand consumers of The Good Oil, we have made the decision to hold current prices at the supermarkets. We’re able to maintain our normal pricing of $12.99 incl. GST for a 1L bottle which reduces to $10.00 on deep discount. It’s the best price in the market for a New Zealand grown, cold pressed, extra virgin seed oil. We hope that our price freeze is well accepted by the New Zealand consumer, and we thank you for your support of The Good Oil.

Unfortunately hyper-inflation disproportionately impacts lower income families than the well-off. Lower income families use all their income for feeding, sheltering, and clothing their children and when prices increase higher than their incomes, sadly sacrifices have to be made. We acknowledge that this price freeze of The Good Oil may not help these low-income families. Pure Oil New Zealand donates all “seconds” of The Good Oil to Charitable Food Banks.