Bulk Protein Meals

Pure Oil New Zealand Limited has developed a number of protein meals from both from our oilseed crops and our different processing techniques. Each of the meals have unique attributes that suit different applications (and animals) and each meal is suitable to be included into a formulated blend or pellet or fed directly into a ration.

Extruded Rapeseed Meal

Canola meal also provides a significant energy advantage in the form of sugars and residual oil which are not fermented as quickly in the ruminant after heat treatment. The digestibility of fibre (ADF and NDF) is improved after extrusion process, encouraging microbial activity in the ruminant.

Extruded Meal Specifications

Nutrient Unit Measure
Moisture % 6-7
Crude Protein % 34-38
Oil % 9-13
ADF % 22
NDF % 26
Ash % 6

Cold pressed Canola Meal

Compatible and complimentary nutritional value with other ingredients when producing blended stock feed Excellent protein supplement at 36-38% of dry matter. Comparable on a protein basis to soybean meal and far exceeding traditional grains.

Cold Pressed Canola Meal Specifications

Nutrient Unit Measure
Moisture % 6-9
Crude Protein % 36-38
Oil % 11-13
ADF % 18
NDF % 26
Ash % 6

Cold Pressed Sunflower Meal

Sunflower Meal is derived from New Zealand grown high oleic sunflower seed. A cold pressing process is used to extract the oil from seed without the use of heat or chemicals. This gentle process ensures all nutritional benefits are retained.

Sunflower Meal Specifications

Major Nutrients Per 1kg
Digestible 13.2 DE
Crude Protein 26%
Crude Fat 14%
Crude Fibre 31%
Moisture 7%
Starch 1%
Soluble Sugar 5%
NSC 16.5%
Vitamin E 48mg

Full Fat Meal

Full Fat Meal is a high energy & high fat protein. It’s a energy supplement for beef cattle, dairy and equine diets. The product is effective when included into stock feeds rations for rapid muscle development.

Full-fat Meal Specifications

Nutrient Unit Measure
Dry Matter % 95
Crude Protein % 24
Crude Fat % 44.5
   Saturated % 3.1
   Omega-6 % 9.3
   Omega-3 % 4.8
   Monosaturated % 27.1
ADF % 9.5
NDF % 8.3
Ash % 5.8
ME MJ/kg/DM 23.4


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