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Soybean Crops

Back in Spring 2021, Pure Oil New Zealand Limited teamed up with three Grower Suppliers to kickstart a unique project. We planted 20 hectares of early maturing soybeans, aiming to find out if New Zealand could grow high-quality soybeans in good quantities. Our plan was simple: cultivate, process, and learn.

Fast forward, and our soybean venture is not just still going, its growing year on year. We now have 130 hectares of soybeans growing in partnership with our grower suppliers, the crops have performed really well and provided some key learnings to our Agronomy team. Our journey in soybean cultivation and processing is not only about growth but also by a constant quest for improvement. As we cultivate more hectares of soybeans, we continue to learn valuable insights about the optimal conditions and practices required for successful soybean farming in New Zealand. This ongoing learning process allows us to refine our cultivation techniques, ensuring that we deliver the best quality soybeans possible.

In tandem with our cultivation efforts, we’ve been diligently perfecting our soybean processing methods at our plant. We remain dedicated to utilizing the latest and most efficient techniques, such as cold pressing expellers and high shear extrusion, to extract the full nutritional value and quality of our soybeans. Our commitment to processing excellence is unwavering, and it ensures that our products meet the highest standards.

Our soybean venture represents not only a successful commercial endeavor but also a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The agronomic benefits of soybeans as nitrogen-fixing crops have become increasingly evident, further underscoring the positive impact of our project on the New Zealand arable sector.

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