Sunflower Crops

Sunflowers are an amazingly versatile crop and an excellent addition to any crop rotation. Pure Oil NZ Sunflower crop options are high yielding varieties, with low input and low nutrient demands.

Sunflowers have aggressive roots are excellent at improving your soil health and structure. Over flowering their bloom is a striking sight which brings much pleasure to growers and people passing by.

Low Input & High Yielding

Sunflower crop requires minimal inputs and also have a low nutrient demand. The crop is efficient at extracting water from the soil profile and can often tolerate drier conditions better than other crops. Our high yielding varieties come from top preforming overseas genetics and breeding.

Cropping Options

Learn more about the oilseed crops that you can grow for Pure Oil New Zealand Limited:
Sunflowers, Oilseed Rape and Soyabean.

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Agronomy Support

Growers are fully supported by expert agronomy team who are experienced, knowledgeable and offer on-farm assistance at critical times in the growing season. We also have modern facility and equipment to help with grain harvesting, handling and drying.


Become a Grower

For more information on growing for Pure Oil NZ, email below or contact Keith by phone +64 27 225 6461. We look forward to hearing from you.