Plant Based Protein


Rapeseed & Sunflower Protein

The global focus on plant based proteins (PBPs) is immense including technology advancements and capital investment. How large a part PBPs (and its related technology) will have in the future food chain is uncertain, but what is more certain is that PBPs will develop rapidly over the next decade and become more mainstream as protein alternatives.

There is approximately 65 million tonnes of oilseed rape / canola grown and processed in the world each year. Of this total production over 95% is processed (oil extracted) with excessive heat and the use of chemicals which denatures the resulting meal rendering it unfit for further processing. Consequently, canola meals have been used in the stock feed industry.

For these process reasons and the dominance of soybeans (550 million tonnes) rapeseed / canola appears to be somewhat off the PBP radar. Pure Oil NZ’s cold pressing process including our oil extraction capability (<11% residual oil in meal), places the business in a favourable position to further process the protein for higher value markets. See below for the major benefits of PBPs over traditional animal based proteins.

Cost Effective

Animal based proteins (meat and milk) are vastly more expensive to grow.


The carbon emissions from PBP can be considered neutral to positive when compared to animal based protein. A significant percentage of America’s total carbon emissions (+30%) are said to come from cattle feedlots both beef and dairy production.

Customer Preference

When a consumer is given a real substitute to meat, many will chose to not have an animal killed or stressed as being part of the food they eat, i.e. the concept of “Flexitarianism”.


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