Oilseed Rape



Oilseed Rape (OSR) crop is a first-class break crop for cereal rotations. Growing OSR allows the natural cycle of cereal disease build-up to be effectively broken. For example winter wheat planted after OSR typically yields nearly 10% more than the same crop preceded by another cereal and costs less to produce.

Rapeseed Grower Guide

Control Grass Weed Issues

OSR provides excellent opportunity for different weed control options for problematic grass weeds. The ability to use different chemicals with alternative Mode of actions, allows growers to control hard to kill grass weeds and reduce risk of chemical resistance building up.

Cropping Options

Learn more about the oilseed crops that you can grow for Pure Oil New Zealand Limited:
Sunflowers, Oilseed Rape and Soyabean.

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Spread Workload

Different sowing, spraying and harvest timings to winter cereals are especially valuable in spreading farm workloads at critical times of the year too.

OSR’s deep and extensive root system helps protect soil from erosion, improve soil aeration and reduce nitrate leaching over the vulnerable winter months.


Become a Grower

For more information on growing for Pure Oil NZ, email below or contact Keith by phone +64 27 225 6461. We look forward to hearing from you.