WELL OFF THE MARK! Simon Henry’s comments regarding My Food Bag’s IPO, in my opinion, are massively misleading to the characters of Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie.

“I can tell you, and you can quote me, when you’ve got Nadia Lim, when you’ve got a little bit of Eurasian fluff in the middle of your prospectus with a blouse unbuttoned showing some cleavage, and that’s what it takes to sell your scrip, then you know you’re in trouble.”

“Go back to that prospectus and find that photo. You know you’re in trouble. I mean, you know, when you got a TV celebrity showing off her sensuality to hock script, then you know you’re in trouble. The uglier the board, the more successful the share. So, I sort of don’t get it; you come to market telling everyone it’s a great company. And, by the way, we’re selling it and running.”

“I don’t get it. I mean, I’m a simple man. I don’t get it. If it’s so good, why are you selling it?” – Simon Henry

Pure Oil New Zealand Limited has worked closely with Carlos and Nadia growing sunflower crops, processing and marketing sunflower oil in our brand The Good Oil and for their Royal Burn Station product range.

Over the last 2 years, we have found both Nadia and Carlos to be visionaries yet simple, down-to-earth people, and very hard-working. They both have an inherent ability to make things happen, as well as being authentic storytellers. These attributes have made the couple a great inspiration and a true New Zealand success story. We are looking forward to future business.

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