Refined, Bleached & Deodorised Oils

Pure Oil New Zealand Limited produces a range of seed oils at its crush facility in Rolleston Canterbury. Our Grower Suppliers grow high oleic rapeseed, conventional rapeseed (canola) and high oleic sunflower crops which the oil is extracted from the seed with a cold pressing technique.  We further process (refine, bleach and deordorise) the oils for food manufacturers and food service customers.

Our high oleic oils are a superior frying and ingredient oils, improving the taste of food and adding shelf life to our customers food products.

High Oleic RBD Rapeseed Oil

Excellent stability and longer fry life

High Oleic RBD Sunflower Oil

Reduce saturated fat levels and eliminate trans fats

Rapeseed/Canola RBD Oils

Healthier option than traditional oils & fats