Leg Up Essential Equine Oil - Fresh from Farm & Sea

Leg Up Essential Equine Oil - Fresh from Farm & Sea

Leg Up Essential Equine Oil - Fresh from Farm & Sea

LEG UP EQUINE OIL has been specially formulated to provide the horse with its nutritional and therapeutic requirements and to assist in gaining peak performance.

We contract New Zealand arable farmers to grow oilseed rape in Canterbury New Zealand, which is cold pressed at our Rolleston crush facility. Hoki oil is also sourced from New Zealand Fisheries and blended with rapeseed oil to form LEG UP EQUINE OIL.

Our traceability programme at Pure Oil New Zealand ensures that our equine oils have no chance of being contaminated with foreign materials.

Rapeseed oil (brassica napus) has the optimum omega-6 to omega-3 ratio (2:1) assisting anti-inflammatory responses following exercise.  We enhance the Rapeseed Oil by blending with NZ caught Hoki Oil (Blue Grenadier) to introduce long chain fatty acids: EPA and DHA.

These omega-3 fatty acids derived from the sea improve the horses’ blood circulation and oxygen delivery to its muscles.


Where can it be used?

Horse racing

Horse racing

Assists with muscle recovery and joint health, prevents tie up.

Breeding studs

Breeding studs

Promotes muscle mass, bone structure and shiny coats.

Sport horses

Sport horses

Quietens lively horses and improves coat condition.


Leg Up Equine Oil proudly supplies:

Advance Agriculture Gro It Solutions Molloy Ruralco Specialty Seeds Wholeseed

Key Benefits

Improved Body

Improves body condition and enhances healthy hormones.

Healthy fatty acids

Balanced source of essential fatty acids critical to your horses health and diet including the critical long chain omega 3s EPA and DHA.

Healthy coat

Promotes healthy skin & coat condition and improves respiratory system health.

Reduce damage

Provides a good source of Omega-9 and high in Vitamin E (which helps reduce muscle damage e.g. tying up).

Faster recovery

Assists to improve recovery rate after training or competition.

Calms temperament

Helps calm the temperament of excitable horses.

No chemicals

The oils of LEG UP EQUINE OIL are cold pressed with no chemicals or added heat in the extraction process.

GE Free

Locally grown and manufactured product.

Our promise is to provide LEG UP EQUINE OIL that is fresh and ready to give you the edge over your competition.

Feeding Rate

Commence feeding at 30-40 ml per day, gradually increasing over 10-14 days to required level.

ContainerSpelling/Light WorkRacing/Competition
300kg-400kg 40-60ml 50-100ml
400kg-500kg 50-100ml 100-150ml
500kg-600kg 60-120ml 150-200ml

Customer Comments


We have sold LEG UP EQUINE OIL into the New Zealand bloodstock and racing industries since 2014, leaving numerous winners and preparing quality yearling for sale.

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