Leg Up

During late spring and early summer, crop fields in the South Island come to life with the golden flowers of premium rapeseed.

Once harvested, the rapeseed is delivered to Pure Oil New Zealand’s crush plant in Rolleston, Canterbury where it is cold pressed, with no added heat or chemical to extract the oil and create our low-starch, high protein feeds.

  • Improves coat shine and body condition
  • Improves recovery after competitions
  • Strengthens immune and respiratory systems
  • Calms temperament of excitable horses
  • Provides a cool source of energy
  • Improves fertility
  • Optimum 2:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
  • Assists respiratory health and blood flow



Leg Up Equine has been specially formulated to provide the horse with its nutritional and therapeutic requirements and to assist in gaining peak performance.

For optimal results, contact us with your requirements and we will assist you in your purchase.


  1. Jess M.

    I’ve had unbelievable results. My young horse started dropping weight really quickly out of the blue. Started him on Leg Up Equine Oil and the difference is very obvious! Have a much happier horsey! Pictures are two weeks apart.

  2. Hannah D.

    Awesome product started adding to my horses feed about 2 weeks ago and his dapples have really started to come through :) normally dont come through till about November.

  3. Gayna C.

    I use the rapeseed meal. absolutely love the results!

  4. Kristi C.

    Finished my first 5 ltr bottle of leg up oil and what an amazing difference to their coats! they all look amazing. Totally recommend this oil. Its fabulous.

  5. Hayley S.

    My skinny tb has packed on the weight using rapeseed meal.

  6. Sophie W.

    My rescue boy with 1 year on leg up :) your products are simply amazing!

  7. Kelly C.

    My boys have been on this meal and oil for 2 weeks now and look at the difference.

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