the good oil


The Good Oil

During late spring and summer, crop fields in the South Island come to life with the golden flowers of premium rapeseed and sunflower. We cold-press the precious oil’s from the seed. No chemicals. No heat. The oils retain their fresh cold pressed flavours and high nutritional qualities.

The Good Oil’s High Oleic Rapeseed & Sunflower are grown throughout the South Island of New Zealand where, in late summer the fields come to life with beautiful, bright flowers. Once harvested the seeds are delivered to Pure Oil New Zealand’s modern crush plant in Rolleston, Canterbury where it is cold pressed using no chemicals and no added heat to extract the oil from the seed. The Good Oil is then bottled onsite and sent to a supermarket near you.

Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

The Good Oil is extracted using the gentle cold-press method. Retaining all of the natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the rapeseed. The premium quality oil has a delicate mildly nutty taste, which compliments other food flavours without overpowering. Making it the ideal oil for New Zealand’s diverse cooking styles.


The Good Oil

The Good Oil Coldpressed Extra Virgin oils are available throughout New Zealand as 500ml, 1L & 20L Bag’n’Box. Please contact us to enquire about commercial sizes for restaurants and food manufacturers.

Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil

Cold pressed & high oleic providing a naturally golden colour with a sunflower seed taste for flavoursome dips, dressings, salads, marinades and smoothies. Providing a high smoke point and heat resistance, ideal for pan frying and on the barbeque.


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