Not So Dusty Dust Suppressant - Control Dust Effectively!

Not So Dusty Dust Suppressant - Control Dust Effectively!

Not So Dusty Dust Suppressant - Control Dust Effectively!

Not So Dusty is a dust suppressant product that provides a full dust mitigation strategy for those times of the year when dust gets out of control.

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Dust from unsealed roads, hard stand yards, cleared building sites, and large stockpiles (shingle or dirt) can have detrimental effects on the environment and decrease the quality of life for people who work or live around these areas. Not So Dusty meets your dust challenges head on by improving: air quality, safety for drivers and pedestrians, and protecting the environment at your work site (or your home) and keeping your neighbours on side.

Not So Dusty can protect from harmful respiratory diseases, as well as skin and eye irritations and increase workplace visibility.

Creating a healthier work environment will be beneficial to employee morale and productivity.

Where can it be used?


Hardstands Yards & Building Sites

mitigates the impact of dust on worker safety for air quality and driver visibility, also improves conditions for plant, equipment and reduces impact of dust on worker safety.


Environmental Management

Mitigate the impact of dust on the surrounding environment and on communities.

dirt roads

Unsealed & Dirt Roads

Suppresses dust on unsealed roads and help maintain the surface and therefore decrease maintenance costs. Reduced road dust within 200m may increase animal performance & horticulture production.


Stockpiles of Shingle/Dirt

Prevents the generation of airborne dust and product loss in stockpile or during transport and keeps your neighbours happy.


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Key Benefits


Cold-pressed vegetable oil and non-ionic surfactant. Can be stored up to 24 months before use.

Non-corrosive & Safe

Wipes clean from surfaces that are unintended for application e.g. vehicles, windows, concrete etc

Simple & Easy to Apply

Recommended application is 50:50 with water and sprayed as 1L/sqm


With 1 to 2 applications per season for general use areas ($2/sqm + application cost)

Water Resistant

The vegetable oil binds to dust and is not washed away by rain.


Not So Dusty biodegrades within a short period of time.


Once dried, Not So Dusty will slightly darken the sprayed area, without any odour.

Environmentally Friendly

No adverse impacts are caused to the environment.

New Zealand Made

Not So Dusty has been developed and is manufactured by Pure Oil New Zealand Limited, at it oilseed facility in Rolleston, Canterbury. It is 100% New Zealand Produced and Manufactured.

Safely improve air quality and control dust with the New Zealand made, environmentally friendly dust suppressant.


Not So Dusty is available in 2 sizes, a 200L drum and 1000L pod. If you require sizes outside of these containers, contact us below and we will see how we can help.

Substance Clear gold liquid containing emulsified rapeseed oil.

Hazardous Not scheduled as Dangerous Good.

Net Contents Contains a minimum of 85% Rapeseed Oil with surfactants


Manufactured and distributed by Pure Oil New Zealand Limited

Drum 200L
Pod 1000L

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