Save 10% on Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil

Save 10% on Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil

Save 10% on Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil

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Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil is a blend of cold-pressed rapeseed oil and non-ionic surfactant making it an environmentally friendly agricultural spray. Suitable for use as a spray adjuvant for a range of agriculture chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

ezi cover

Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil

ezi cover
ezi cover
ezi cover
ezi cover

Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil is a blend of cold-pressed rapeseed oil and non-ionic surfactant that is suitable for use as a spray Adjuvant with a range of agricultural chemical, including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, defoliants and desiccants, particularly where oil based adjuvants are specified.

It has has been used successfully with many agrochemicals where an oil based adjuvant is required to help uptake and improve efficacy. Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil can be used in any situation where a mineral oil or vegetable oil is advised.

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Key Benefits

Stick and wet

Extend the spread of the chemical and ensure it sticks to the target.

Uptake to plant

The natural oil (within EZI COVER ADJUVANT) aids in the uptake process of chemical to target plant species.

Reduce drift in wind

Uniform droplets size aids in preventing drift of the chemical from the target when applied. Enables you to get the job done!


Better for the environment by ensuring active ingredients reaches the target plant species and not elsewhere.


Very safe to the crop when used in accordance with pesticide label.

A Cold-pressed Seed Oil Spray Adjuvant to assist the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and agricultural compounds.


ezi cover sizes

Ezi Cover is available in 3 sizes, from a 20L from to a 1000L pod. If you require sizes outside of these containers, contact us below and we will see how we can help.

Substance Clear gold liquid containing emulsified rapeseed oil.

Hazardous Not scheduled as Dangerous Good.

Net Contents Contains a minimum of 85% Rapeseed Oil with surfactants

Manufactured and distributed by Pure Oil New Zealand Limited

Drum 20L $100.00
Drum 200L $950.00
Pod 1000L $4200.00
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"We use Ezi Cover oil for a Number of reasons.

All our spray out round up jobs we mix 2 litres in with every load and it seems to minimise the drift significantly.

We also use it with our gorse and broom jobs for drift and also we reckon it helps with the uptake of chemical giving a better kill.

We have also started using Ezi Cover oil in our wilding pine ABBA brews as I find it helps the chemical stick to the bark you can fly over a month later and still see the oil on the bark."

ezi cover sizes

Luke - Christchurch Helicopters

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