Full-Fat Meal - Livestock Feed Supplement

Full-Fat Meal - Livestock Feed Supplement

The Full Fat Meal is a protein with high energy & high fat levels, feed supplement for pig, poultry, dairy and equine diets.

Full Fat Meal is a high energy feed supplement for the inclusion into feed rations / textured feeds. The Full Fat Meal has high fat levels, with mid protein and the feed is used in the production of beef, pork, poultry, dairy and also in equine textured feeds. The Cold Pressed oil extraction method is also an important factor of this feed as it ensures that essential vitamins & minerals remain available to the animal after the oil extraction process.

Pure Oil NZ sources GE Free oilseed rape from New Zealand arable farmers. Pure Oil NZ operates a cold pressing process which means no added chemicals or heat is applied during oil extraction process. As we cold press regularly meal is supplied freshly pressed which limits degradation of protein and minerals.

Where can it be used?


Beef & Dairy








Key Benefits

Muscle development

Very effective when included as an ingredient in stock feeds when the goal is rapid muscle development.

Improved body & coat

Nutrients such as omega 3 are likely to result in body and coat improvements soon after the commencement of feeding.

No over feeding

Because of the unique nutrient values of the meal, inclusion rates will not necessarily be large to reach formulation requirement.

High quality nutrients

Amongst the attributes of the meal are good calcium, magnesium & zinc levels. Most noticeable is the existence of Vitamin E- when in natural form this vitamin is absorbed equal to three times the amount of synthetic E.


NutrientUnitF/F Canola
Dry Matter % 94
Crude Protein % 24
Crude Fat % 44.5
Saturated % 3.1
Omega-6 % 9.3
Omega-3 % 4.8
Monounsaturated % 27.1
ADF % 9.5
NDF % 8.3
Ash % 5.8
ME MJ/kgDM 23.4

Vitamins & Minerals

NutrientUnitF/F Canola
Calcium % 0.65
Phosphorus % 0.62
Chloride % 0.031
Magnesium % 0.37
Potassium % 0.67
Sulphur % 0.51
Vitamin E Mg/kg 110


Glucosinolates umol/g 18
Sinapine umol/g 9

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