Cold Pressed Rapeseed Meal

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal (canola meal) is a high-protein, high-energy feed supplement for livestock.

Pure Oil NZ sources GE Free oilseed rape from New Zealand arable farmers and we operates a cold pressing process which means no added chemicals or heat are applied during oil extraction process. Cold pressing leaves the protein and other components in their natural forms, allowing for full utilisation by the animal and the meal is particularly well designed for monogastrics.

New Zealand grown and crushed oilseed crop, therefore is GE Free and of low biosecurity risk. The meal is competitively priced against other protein supplements, with short and long term pricing options available. The meal is available to be supplied on a weekly/monthly basis and therefore reduces storage and lowers working capital requirements.

It contains high levels of metabolisable (13 Mj/kg+) digestible and net energy, it's suitable to feed through a variety of grain and meal feed systems and can be supplied in chip or milled form.

Where can it be used?



Excellent source of "cool" energy and protein for inclusion in textured feeds.



High energy feed with good pellet making properties.



Highly digestible protein with quality fibre and high energy



Highly digestible protein containing essential amino acids with high energy (from residual oil).


Key Benefits

Highly digestible protein

Excellent protein supplement at 34-38% of dry matter. Comparable on a protein basis to soybean meal and far exceeding traditional grains. Solubility of the cold pressed meal is high and therefore a suitable protein for monogastric.

Essential amino acids

Rapeseed meal is a complete protein source with good amounts of essential amino acids. The low oil extraction temperature of cold pressing leaves amino acids such as lysine and Methionine at their natural levels and vastly higher than solvent extruded meals.

Good energy

Cost effective source of energy and protein to be feed direct or as part of a mix ration.

Excellent protein supplement at 32%-36% of dry matter. Comparable on a protein basis to soybean meal and far exceeding traditional grains.


NutrientUnitHT Canola
Moisture % 8-10
Crude Protein % 34-37
Oil % 11-13
Crude Fibre % 11
ADF % 18
NDF % 26
Ash % 6

Amino acid content

NutrientUnitHT Canola
Glutamic % 18
Cysteine % 3.2
Methionine % 2
Lysine % 6
Threonine % 4.4

Mineral content

NutrientUnitHT Canola
Calcium % 0.7
Phosphorus % 1.0
Magnesium % 0.5
Potassium % 1.2

Meal is available for supply on weekly/monthly basis, reducing storage costs to the feedmiller or farmer. This meal is:

  • Suitable to feed through variety of grain feeding systems.
  • Excellent pellet making properties - reduces fines
  • Meal supplied in chip or milled form

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