Animal Nutrition

Our NZ made equine oil combines cold pressed rapeseed oil and locally caught fish oil - fresh from farm and sea

Leg Up Equine Oil

Leg Up Performance Oil combines premium New Zealand grown cold pressed rapeseed oil and NZ Hoki Oil to assist horses to look and perform at their best.

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PureGold is a cold pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil for animal nutrition. It is used as an ingredient oil for textured feeds and as a supplementary oil for "cool" energy and body mass development of stock.

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Cold Pressed Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal (canola meal) is a high-protein, high-energy feed supplement for livestock.

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Heat Treated Rapeseed Meal

In 2015 Pure Oil NZ conducted a research project to determine how to increase the value of its rapeseed meal (canola meal) for the New Zealand dairy industry.

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Full-Fat Meal

The Full Fat Meal is a protein with high energy & high fat levels, feed supplement for pig, poultry, dairy and equine diets.

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